Audio Samples - and information on the album Gardens of Stone

Track Titles and Notes on Musical Inspiration

Crystal Amulet - by Amanda Handel

This is a suite of five short pieces, each reflecting the different qualities of light, structure and colour of a particular gemstone. The music invites contemplation on the aeons of time which are crystallised in these pieces of transparent rock.

Gardens of Stone - by Amanda Handel

Rich musical sonorities evoke the diversity of colour and texture found in the Gardens of Stone National Park. The large dynamic range in the music reflects the differences in scale between the majestic views from a distance and the intricate details on the rock surfaces as seen in close up. The multi-sectional structure and forward momentum of the music take the listener on a journey through the Gardens of Stone.

River Cave and Stalactite - by Amanda Handel

River Cave and Stalactite are inspired by the Jenolan Caves region of the Blue Mountains, where hidden landscapes have been carved out by underground watercourses. The music alludes to the limestone formations sculpted by the actions of water over millennia.

Kanimbla Moon - by Amanda Handel

Kanimbla Moon was influenced by the strange and beautiful mood emanating from a blue painting by Craig Duffy of the full moon reflected in a pool of water in the Kanimbla Valley. Kanimbla Moon is probably the first ever score written for didjeribone.

A Burst of Bushflowers - by Amanda Handel

A Burst of Bushflowers evokes the spiky nature of many Australian plants and the surprising displays of colour which bring the bush to life.

Bunburang - Didjeridu solo by Michael Jackson

“Bunburang” is the traditional Gundungurra name for a species of Blue Mountains lizard, the Mountain Dragon (Rankinia diemensis). Its camouflage markings make it difficult to spot until it scurries out from under your feet in a burst of energy.

Zardash - Piano solo by Amanda Handel

The word “Zardash” dates back to the times of Zarathustra. It is a gold disc which signifies power, brilliance and the sun. Zardash was first recorded and performed by Aaron McMillan in his project: “Arc of Light”.

Blue Labyrinth - Didjeribone theme by M. Jackson, arrangement by A. Handel

The Blue Labyrinth is one of the hidden gems of the Blue Mountains. This unspoilt landscape consists of an intricate maze of twisted sandstone ridge lines, separated by deep rain-forested gorges with an abundance of clear streams. This epic style piece has an exciting vibrant central episode flanked by the ethereal didjeribone theme in two different rhythmic settings which open and close the piece.

Night Fright - Live Improvisation by A. Handel & M. Jackson

This piece was spontaneously created at the end of the recording session. Night Fright evokes the bush at night with its random noises and nocturnal creatures. The improvisation ventures into the unknown and uses extended techniques on both the piano and the didjeridu.